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Ben Heine Art
Ben Heine working on "Less is More"

Nicoleta Ionescu: Please tell us, how does a typical day in the life of Ben Heine go?

Ben Heine: It usually goes like that: Wake up > Listen to music > Eat breakfast > Take care of my baby > Write emails > Work on art projects > Do some sport > Skype With partners > Organize or attend exhibitions > Dinner > Take care of my wife > Work more > Share on social networks > Sleep > Dream. 

How would you describe your personal style as an artist?

I like to mix different creative techniques, mixed media is what I'm the best at. My favorite art movements are Surrealism, Pop Art, Geometric Abstraction and Expressionism. 

How did “Pencil Vs Camera” occur to you and where is it heading right now?

Ben Heine Giant Drawing Art
Pencil Vs Camera - 72
I created my first Pencil Vs Camera image in April 2010. It's a concept that evolves permanently. It started with very simple black and white sketches on paper. With time, the drawings became more elaborated and creative. I then started doing colored illustrations on black paper. And I'm now doing huge 3D drawings on large paper, this is the latest innovation in this series.

How much time does an art piece take, in general?

I remember I could make several images in a week at the beginning of the series, it's now much more time consuming. It can take one or two weeks of intense work just to do one "good looking" Pencil Vs Camera image. 

What are your favorite medium and form of expression?

I enjoy abstract art more and more. It has less meaning but often more colors, more shapes and more emotions. I also like sculpture and music a lot.

Where do you find inspiration for your art projects?

In my own little despair. I tend to feel inspired when I'm sad or frustrated and I also have lots of ideas coming from the interactions I have with people around me. 

What is the greatest thing in contemporary art?

The concept is becoming more important that the final artwork. I don't know if it's great but that's what caught my attention.

Can you share some work secrets with the Freepik community of artists?

Artist are like magicians. They have many little and simple secrets. Here is something nobody knows: In some of my drawings in the Pencil Vs Camera series, I use black ballpoint pens from time to time to darken more some parts of my illustrations, because pencil is too grey or flat and not dark enough in my opinion.

What project are you working on right now?

Lots of administrative work to prepare future exhibitions. I'm impatient to start new creative projects.

Pencil or camera? Which one wins in the end? :)  

Pencil of course. Drawing is more powerful and limitless I think.

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