Your Lips Smack of
Devout Hypocrisy!
Pale Saintliness

By thepoetryman

O! Deceitfulness!

O! Pale saintliness!
Must you eradicate all sound reason?
Must you tread upon all of the globe
With your loose-lipped godlessness
While the red droplets of heaven
Are collapsing on the meek and tired,
And the empire’s bombs plummet
Upon the offspring of hearts and souls?

What gains have you in this; your delusion?
Surely the path to heaven is not covered
In falsehoods and charlatans handing out flowers.
Your lips smack of devout hypocrisy!
Your reasoning, a blunt object upon the head!
Your god smacking lips quiver in vagueness!
Your words refuse to venture out with humanity,
Instead they lounge upon uncomfortable faith
Cracking hope with the weight of your coffers!

It is immense within mankind.
It is yielding and graceful.
Dampness and the soil congregate there
While we set out to destroy the living;
Words as bullets ripping through
Piercing the downtrodden and weak!

We need take these hateful terms,
This small, narrow-minded language
And rip them all to shreds
Then, with the hand of humanity open,
We must unlearn our gradated wants and needs.
We must unlearn these ugly traditions
Of lies, murder, war, and greed.

We must open our hands.