I Have a Dream

Marcin Bondarowicz (*) sent me this portrait yesterday. In this image, there is me, him...and this enigmatic hat surrounded by symbolic floor and pebble. This is so powerful! He called the piece : "I Have a Dream". Adding : "When you sleep, your mind is still working..." Marcin, my Brother, thank you so much for this.
Below follow a surrealistic poem about Discovery and Dream and a previous portrait of my Polish friend :
No Silent Dreams
An so he did leave them
lonely, like a cloud in the wintery sky
lovely, he thought, is the mind of God
ironically though, God shall forever be despised
hated like the killer of sheep.
Laughing does the devil behold
gore-tex-clad fetuses,
swimming in a vast ocean of formaldehyde.
Sudden shall forever realisation be
like the emerging waters of cthonic wastes
and he saw it all and he smiled, dreadfully silent
not without mindfull discussions,
overwhelming was the concept of true belief
to a man of no silent dreams.
No further shall he walk in silence and peace,
with scintillating laughter shall he consume the blood,
of ancient gods, ancient men and women.
And this he saw, the omnipotent vampire
and knew his fate and that of mankind.
Drowned in latex screaming, for the mother of all,
but he is alone, weeping like Isis over death.
And the gods are smiling as he turns away in despair.
And he is sleeping like undreaming fathers,
cold and forgotten in a nameless grave.
Source : Adragoor
Marcin Bondarowicz
(*) Marcin Bondarowicz is a skilful Polish cartoonist and a dear friend of mine. He is also a painter, a photograph and a poet. He was born in 1976 in Starachowice, Poland. He lives now in Poland as a freelance artist.
Marcin works in traditional and digital graphic. He is doing all sort of illustrations in various techniques such as : oil painting, acrylic, computer illustration. Marcin has recently been working as a journalist specialized into press illustration. He worked for magazines such as BusinessWeek/Poland, Bonnier Business Polska, Integracja Europejska, Gazeta Bankowa.
Marcin Bondarowicz is an important voice and icon in the world of cartoons. Actually, the images he creates are much deeper and more universal than "simple" cartoons : They are full of Life and can be read like timeless poems.
Here are some beautiful thoughts he wrote me once :
-"In my art, I am talking about discord, human behaviour, like hatred, conflicts, treason and about other things, such as confidence and stream of love. To the people looking at my pictures, I give pieces of one’s mind."
-"Cartoon Art is a worldwide phenomenon, bringing cultures together with a universal appeal. Cartoon Art has the special quality of immediacy that is apparent in both the medium and the message. I clamour for this kind of art. I talk through my works."
For the fans, more works by Marcin Bondarowicz can be viewed on :
-GALERIA (Painting)
-GALERIA (Illustration)
Contact :
Adress: Żeromskiego 8 / 8 27-200 Starachowice
Phone : +48 041 274 20 03
mobile: +48 692 431 219 or +48 502 215 953