Hear The Cries Of My Children

Wails Of Mother Africa
By Midarstouch

Oh Great Africa, Oh Mother
Hear The Cries Of Your Mother
The Pride Of Her Children
Oh Africa My Africa
My Family Of Big Bold And Black Children

Who Has Done These To My Chldren
Is This The Fruit Of Cvilisaton
If It Is My Children,throw It Back To The Whites
What Good Is A Toy When It Is Broken ?
Oh! Africa Who Assails Thee!!!

Liberia Has Just Stopped Crying From The Pang Of War
Now Sierra Leone Is Bleeding From An Internal Wound
There Are Tales Of Woes Here And There
But There Is One Grief That Is The Loudest
Amongst My Children.........aids

The Wailing Of My Children Spans
The Whole Lenght And Breath Of The Land
From Senegal To Somalia
From Cape Town To Alexandria
It Is Filled With The Wails Of My Children
Dying Of Aids
Oh! Aids Why Have You Turned
The Strongest Of Men To Weaklings

You Know No Boundary,neither Color Nor Race
You Take Parents Away From Their Children
The Children From Thier Parent
The Men From Their Women
The Women From Their Men
Oh Aids!! How Cruel Thou Are

With Your Double Edged Sword
You Slew Both The Guilty And The Innocent
You Do Not Answer To The White Mans Medicine
Only Time Can Stop Your Onslaught
Only God Can Say How Long
Oh!! Hear The Cries Of My Children
Poem's source : unicef.org


by Boniface Kinywa
12-year-old AIDS orphan)

The mention of your name, scares me out the darkness.
You crept in and swept our continent.
From North to South and from East to West
Thousands and thousands you've killed,
Spoiled the beauty of our continent curse no meaning to life
Yet you are no sacrifice.

AIDS do you have Mercy?

You are a deadly monster,
you've taken our fathers, mothers,
brothers and sisters, homes left full of grace,
Just because of Mr. Slim.
Others call me Mr. Kill me quick,
Scientists have gone to the moon,
made nuclear weapons,
yet you are no sacrifice.

AIDS, do you have mercy?

Dear brothers and sisters,
Friends and relatives,
Sons and daughters
And my loving parents,
Lend me your ears
And get this message right,
With your broken heart I am asking you,
Please take care of the youth,
Stop bad habits, be faithful to each other.
This monster never sleeps, there is no cure

For AIDS, oh AIDS, do you have mercy?
Boniface Kinywa is a 12-year-old AIDS orphan. Writing and reciting poetry is one way children at an LWR-funded orphanage in Kenya deal with the sorrow and chaos that HIV/AIDS wages on their lives.
--> Poem's source : standwithafrica.org