Two Hearts, Two Bodies
Unknown author

My hungry heart felt a call
I gathered my things
Opened my wings
And flew to you
Only to find you've moved
Your closed, sad heart
that keeps in the pain
A lifeless heart unopened
not ready for fulfillment

I waited awhile then started back
My gifts of nourishment remained
For a tired body that ached
For a heart that’s been hurt, empty and hungry
Sustenance for a confused, angry mind
Not aware of the real need

I left wondering
Where he could be
I walked in the sun - I was satisfied
I rested my body - I felt recharged
I rested my mind - I felt rejuvenated
I was at peace

I felt a vibration
I looked up and saw you coming
From a distance
We met
Without words
Two hearts kissed
Two hearts talked
Two hearts rested
Two hearts touched
Two hearts were healing
Our wings were at rest
Our hearts still throbbing
We still had life

If we should ever connect
We'd add color
To each other’s life

Two Bodies
My hungry body heard a call
I was prepared
I spread my wings
Two yearning bodies met
So open
So sensitive
Aching for touch and fulfillment
Our naked bodies touched
With deep breaths
Blood streaked through my veins
So piercing it awakened my breasts
Full and yearning to submit
But not yet
Just a kiss for now


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