By Leria Hawkins

A mind that feels so empty
For words that just won’t come
Thoughts now lie in ruin
And the soul is cold and numb

Blankly staring at sheets of paper
Listening intently, with hopes to hear
A trickling of words that flow as water
But deadly silence feeds the fear

There is a hollow void
Where a passion used to be
Whimsy mired by reality
Inspiration no longer free

Drifting about in fantasy
Never seems to last for long
Reality will poke its nose in
As if to prove that it belongs

Devoid of imagination
Expression no longer flows
For the spirit has been ravaged
And passion no longer grows

It’s suddenly a struggle
To express the things I feel
Or to note my deepest thoughts
In a way that makes them real

A warm and loving essence
Left smoldering in the dark
In search for inspiration
To ignite a fire with just a spark

The dreams now melancholy
Seeking passage to return
To a place where they were happy
Roaming free without concern

Wishful thinking won’t make it happen
This lull I hope will pass
The creative spirit seeks revival
And motivation that will last

Inspiration lost and lonely
And is desperate to find its way
Back to the world of fantasy
For the mind's eyes to run and play


The poem appeared on poemsabout.com