Flower Teach Us
All We Need To Learn
© 2008 - Hubert Lebizay
Flower Power
Unknown author

Have you stopped a while,
to glance at a flower in full bloom,
and felt its power to banish in a moment,
all the gloom ?

The delicate bud peeps out into the world,
shy and unsure.
It is the harbinger of hope,
and knows soon it shall mature.

Its tender touch on your lips,
brings back memories of your first kiss.
Its beauty haunts you,
and its presence you can never miss.

A flower in its limited life,
teachers us all we need to learn.
Its selflessness inspires us,
never to go wrong on any turn.

It spreads its fragrance all around,
sharing it with one and all,
everyone is equal --
no one rich or poor, big or small.

The bees fly to it for nectar,
ants and butterflies too.
We humans reap its fruits,
and turn them to merchandise for livelihood.

Lets learn to be unselfish,
spread our warmth an charm,
age gracefully, shrivel and discolor.
Yet exude dignity till the end ...
Live life like a flower -- my friend.

(Poem's source : englishdaily626.com
The poem and photo appeared
on hubzay.deviantart.com)

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