Mike Palecek :
"The Revolution Begins
in the Heartland"

© 2008 - Ben Heine
Mike Palecek is an American writer living in Iowa. Former federal prisoner for peace, Mike served time in county jails and federal prisons for civil disobedience at Offutt Air Force Base during the 1980s. He is a former seminarian and during the 1990s was a reporter for small-town newspapers in Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota.

In 2000, he was the Iowa Democratic Party nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives, Fifth District, receiving 67,500 votes [29%]. Mike lives in Sheldon, Iowa with wife, Ruth, and two children. He works at group home for disabled adults.

He was recently a guest on “Cover To Cover”, on KPFA radio, Berkeley, with host Denny Smithson. They talked about another recent novel by Mike Palecek : “The American Dream” You can listen to the interview here.

Also, see information for “Cost of Freedom” current non-fiction project.

For more information on Mike Palecek, visit his website.

Mike Palecek’s books are available at:

cwgpress.com [The American Dream]
howlingdogpress.com [Looking For Bigfoot]
badgerbooks.com [Twin/Joe Coffee's Revolution]
mainstaypress.com [Terror Nation]


I made 4 illustrations for Mike Palecek's
newest book : "Iowa Terror".
You can see them below
(click to enlarge) :

Decaf Candidates

Scarecrow Securing the US

Terror Watcher in Iowa

Democrats Hunting Democrats


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