The Promised Land
A Letter from
Land's End

By Kevin Jared Hosein
Here I am at the edge of time,
Sitting on the brink,
Looking forth at a sunset
That comes and goes in a blink.
And there's a moon up there
For everyone I know
And a plant that bears butterflies
Row by row.

Here I am at the edge of real,
Standing on the plain
Where masked children dash in circles
Along its emerald mane.
And there's a rainstorm
Going on in the desert of snow
And everyone in the bright moonlight
Watches the thunder glow.

Here I am at the post office,
A letter to send,
An invitation for you to come
Join me in Land's End.
The letter reads,
"Close your eyes, count to three,
Then remember everything
I always said you were to me."

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