The Divine Child Reborn
Is It Just Only
An Abracadabra?

By Peter S. Quinn

Christ has its many faces
And now it's like this
A cool monkey graces
The cradle that once was his

For our world is carefree
In all our endeavoring
And we like what we see
In our seeds and flowering

Though we are just the cell
Of space time and beyond
And cannot there foretell
What our heart has found

But isn't there - something there
Still unmarked or seen
For some close and near
And other just in between

Christ what is this phenomena
That tulips glow and shine
Is it just only an abracadabra?
To draw a religious border-line

We only have faith to believe
And can't get on to knowing
Beyond our veracity sleeve
If it’s only a superstar
Or more showing…

(The poem appeared on Peter S. Quinn's PoemHunter's page)