My Soul's Journey
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One of my pics from Kenya...
Goodbye Troubles

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

Love let new spring be you
Fresh in its new beginning
Heart always young and true
From growth now singing
Let me know of your laughter
Every footstep new and bold
Beautiful day’s morning after
Growth in earth from the old

Love look to my path afresh
Let me see the forest growing
So I'll know how to enmesh
With the tide's timeless going
Give my heart spring once more
Pull the way for gracious love
I need your feelings to be sure
What this throbbing is all of

Doubtful old days into the past
Those wonderful sights ahead
Rainy clouds I have by-passed
Goodbye troubles get joy instead
Pull up your friendliest smile
All the outside’s now looking in
Let aspiring hope be here awhile
Where has the laughter been?