Mr Peace
All The World
Is Looking

By Peter S. Quinn

All the world is looking,
For some peace;
In beauty of nature,
To harmonize and please.
And in the lights,
Of things you see;
You shall be rewarded,
With the greenest tree.

For nature is like perfect art,
It bewitches your eyes with beauty.

All the world is looking,
For kindness of thought;
Every step forward,
Mankind themselves brought.
And if it's destructive,
They brought it self in;
All foolishness of any kind,
Seldom shall win.

For nature is one in every part,
And man soon pays for all his sin.

As I grow older,
I dwell on and see;
The beauty of nature,
In each every tree.
And colors of summer,
In blooms that glows;
And rivers with waters,
That freely flows.

Let there be nature on this earth,
Be its friends not its foes.

Our story continues,
As life goes on;
This purest of beauty,
Under the sun.
Where we are born,
Innocent and all free;
Together to understand,
Both you and me.

Let our values have a rebirth,
As our love for all life grows.
Freedom at Last
© 2009 - Ben Heine
Let Freedom Conquer

By Peter S. Quinn

Let freedom
Conquer our earth
Let it be our
Playful garden
Give every trial
Its own worth
Let this only
In peace be starten'
Every our new minute
Is to live
Prosper onward
And further grow
We must fight
For freedom's give
And tomorrow shall rise
In its glow

Let freedom
Be our singing on
Fill the air
With its soft melodies
Every kindness denial
Be gone
Over the green fields
Swaying trees
My hope is your hope
All the way
That to our load
Has been given
There comes a morning
Of new day
That through harmony
Is all driven

Let me be your guardian
As you're mine
On to the many roads
Here ahead
Stop every teardropp
Bring on sunshine
To those
That in sorrow bled
Raise every freedom
To its true glory
Those feelings
Must never be alone
Let our futures
End in a happy story
Giving the mood
And the right tone