Here is the trailer of a documentary about my work filmed by Italian director and producer Davide Gentile. The shooting happened in Belgium. Basically, Davide and his crew stayed with me during one week at my studio in Braives (we also stayed a bit in Brussels). They captured some 55 hours of film footage, the final film is 35 minutes long. You can view some backstage photos here below.

UPDATE: it's now possible to rent or buy the full documentary via Distrify.

Director & Producer: Davide Gentile
Director of Photography: Matthew E. Taylor
Model (Flesh and Acrylic): Caroline Madison
Music Soundtrack: Gino Mauro
Animation: Sergi Sanchez Navarro
Film Editor: Fabio Capalbo
Sound Recording: Don Nelson
Camera Operator: Alexander Soloviev
Post Production: Green Movie srl
DVD Authoring: Michele Maffia

Davide Gentile & Matthew Emvin Taylor at work (a pic I took in Braives)

Camera Operator Alexander Soloviev

Director of Photography: Matthew Emvin Taylor

Us fooling around with an iPhone during a break

Sound Designer Don Nelson

The shooting crew getting ready for an outdoor scene

The guys with the model

Matthew fixing some video material on the car

Flesh and Acrylic scene (it took time to protect the material)

Davide cooking for the crew =D

Matt relaxing after days of filming...

It's always nice to meet a soulmate