Krüger Workshop 2006

(Montage : Ben Heine)

A group of 18 diverse artists joined the 2nd Krüger Professional Artists' Workshop held in one of Germany's most beautiful tourism areas, Garmisch-Partenkirchen.In a 3 hour live presentation Krüger painted an image of the famousGerman composer, Richard Wagner. For more photos and information please visit KRÜGER EXHIBITIONS

Richard Wagner by Sebastian Kruger

(Photo : Ben Heine)

Kruger Workshop "Team"

(Photo : Bernd Schoenebaum)

(from left to right) Gerald, Ben, Stefan, Jens-Uwe, Jeff, Michael, Glenn, Jeremy, Wolfgang, Stefan, Jürgen, Patrick, Bernd, Henning, Rohan, Sebastian, Andrea,Derek, Siv Grethe
Photo: Bernd

Sebastian Kruger

In the early 1980's Krüger studied painting and graphic arts, and then quickly moved into the professional art world where his iconic 'personality portraits' continue to captivate famous collectors and audiences across the continents. Krüger approaches nearly all of his subjects with a level of respect and sincerity contrasting the often extreme exaggeration of their features. The result is the creation of visually and psychologically explosive 'Krugerized' portraits.

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