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Madness in America

By David Baldinger
Here from the belly of the beast, I must say that the airwaves, cable lines and all the other media outlets are filled with the usual "grieving America" platitudes. Unfortunately it's all a load of bullshit. Except for the family and friends actually touched by this madness, it really is business as usual for the public. It is sickening to say that I believe most people, while horrified, think of this as one of those unavoidable tragedies that happens in a "free and open society." This society has come to expect these kinds of shootings. Sort of like, "oh there's another nut job blowing people away, oh well...Who is Paris Hilton dating?" It has become all so ho-hum to most. It gives the useless news media here something to pretend to analyze. They fumble over each other trying to be the first with the latest info. Generally all we get is bad information and speculation by dim-witted talking heads.

Of all the rights guaranteed by the amendments of the US Constitution, the only one that seems to be absolutely sacrosanct and untouchable is the 2nd. This is the famous "right to bear arms" amendment. The fact that it was intended so that there would be an armed citizen militia is usually overlooked. It is viewed as a license to own every outrageous type of assault weapon ever devised. These are the rights of "hunters" and "gun hobbyists" and can not be infringed. Now free speech, free press and the right of free assembly are guaranteed rights in the Constitutions also but the government has no problem circumventing those. Does anyone complain about this? Not really. Let someone suggest more gun control and all Hell breaks loose. This is the lunacy of "America" in 2007. I can hardly wait for the next couple of years.

UPDATE : My theories of what the actual reactions would be have been correct. Already, the gun nuts are saying that instead of controlling guns, everyone should carry one. Their logic is this: if someone had been armed, that person could have stopped the maniac. I guess forward thinking is obviously not a common American trait. I can image the increase in shootings over petty arguments and other perceived insults. If you have a gun, you are most likely to use it. There is actually a Virginia legislator who introduced a bill (turned down thankfully) that would have allowed students to carry concealed weapons. Totally frickin' nuts! I thinking there is little hope that the USA will be anything other than a madhouse.
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