Waiting Again
(Ben Heine © Cartoons)
By Eileen Ramage

You are from a world I used to know
Things moved at the speed of light
In that place there was no slow
For those like us it was just right

Now here we are on planet Earth
Where everything takes so long
We even wait nine months for birth
I wish I knew where we went wrong

How did we get in such a state
Always waiting in some line
What have we done to bring such fate
I know it's not a choice of mine

Waiting for food, service and men
Waiting for red lights to turn green
Here we are now waiting again
I really don't think it's our scene

Do we slow down just like the rest
Living life at a slower pace?
No! I Think I'll give it my best
And be ahead of the Human Race


--> Poem's source: venicehousepizza.com