(Ben Heine © Cartoons)
Little Chaos
By Joe Duvernay

Ageless disparity.
John Leonard would not have it,
But...thou too, art like some god of a Sunday Morning.
With what language a tale is told.
What studied assurance,
what ease of difficult not, delivered.

While looking in other direction...
That one stranded day, you remember it!
One in which you gleaned
maybe you are consigned to this
Auger Enforcement,
This twisting while turned,
This that is done.
This being held from above.
A clue to nothing despite your trying,
this formula too will go the way of Occam's Razor,
Liking `better' improvisation with its structure, simple!
A little chaos going a long way.

Too, on some weekend day quite some time ago..
sorted out whole slew of guarded gates.
Loitered about an empty chasm,
and saw clouds do things clouds ought not.
Two of my pocket watches joined the leaving ships crew.
I ran half awake through five or so wasted evenings in a few fogs.
Algorithms by the threes, came to the dance, dancing across the lawns,
stamping-down the new-grown heather,
that laid lounge-act satisfied moments before.


Then, danced along a filtered pianos nuance and break.
Wondered out loud about Sir Francis
'California' Drake.
Never would bow down, except that now, it is a must.
And so, as he apologizes to his tormentors for being victim,
releases into this already mixing soup a new nullification,
one that accepts what it does not,
And wrangles with the rest.


--> From:`DRAGON CONVERSATION'(c)2000 Joe Duvernay. All rights reserved.

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