Can You Be The One?
.(Ben Heine © Cartoons)
Human Condition
By Sara Newbury
We were made
Made by God, made in His image
We were marred
Marred by choices
Choices of others, choices of ourselves
We are raw
Raw material of human existence,
Human emotion, human experience…
Raw matter of life, sore and scarred
Hurting and wounded, hoping and hoping
For a healing hand, a warm touch,
Newness, peace, and restoration.
We are aching
Deep in our souls for something more
We are breaking
Fallen by birth, fallen by choice
We are making
Making our path with our ungoverned minds,
Our raw wounded hearts in swift moving time
Our sore, sore eyes seeking someone so kind
So pure, so true…
Could it be that we were made for You?
Can You be the One we need?
Are You the One who gives the seed
Of healing and hope and life and truth?
Can we trust You to not hurt our injured souls,
Wounded by pride and offended by God
Through birth and by choice?
Are You gentle enough?
Can we know Your voice in our spirits so deep
Covered by the rawness of this life so steeped in the
Crude dark thickness of our blackness and blindness?
Our condition calls out for eternal kindness, everlasting goodness…
Our aching, aching hearts keep hoping
Our hindered, hindered eyes keep seeking
Our wounded souls and minds keep wondering
If You really are the One.


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