(Ben Heine © Cartoons)

SwaziAID is a non-profit organization dedicated to socio-economic and healthcare improvements in Swaziland through innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions. Our goal as an organization is to avoid inefficiencies typical of larger non-profit organizations and to ensure proper spending of all collected funds. This is done by seeking out and evaluating pre-exisinting humanitarian programs in Swaziland which are cost-effective, efficient, and which have sustainable means of providing aid. Through our Makers United Fine Art Gallery, swaziAID raises steady funding to support these programs.

The Makers United program is swaziAID's creative undertaking initiated to bring artists of all genres and skill levels together with humanitarian efforts to raise funding for Swazi relief and development programs by promoting, reprinting and selling the artists' work to the public on our online gallery.

Swaziland is a nation situated between South Africa and Mozambique with a population of approximately 1 Million people. (click here to see map) The Swazi people have the highest prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS victims in world at currently over 40% of the adult population. Due to grave poverty and health circumstances all over Sub-Saharan Africa, Swaziland often receives relatively little attention from large international foundations and non-profit organizations.

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