Mikhail M. Zlatkovsky
Poster by Anadolu Universitesi

Exhibition of the Work of Mikhail M. ZLATKOVSKY

at the
Anadolu University Museum of Cartoon Art


Since its founding, the Museum of Cartoon Art has been bringing together the famous faces of world and Turkish cartoons, together with the art lovers of Eskisehir. Now the museum is putting on an exhibition of the work of Mikhail M. Zlatkovsky.

Born in 1944, Russian artist Mikhail M. Zlatkovsky is a famous cartoonist whose cartoons have been widely published in the newspapers and magazines of his homeland and world as well as being shown in personal and combined exhibitions.

The upcoming exhibition in Eskisehir will contain over 60 colour cartoons. It will open on September 26 and close on Oktober 22

CV Mikhail M. Zlatkovsky
He was born in August, 21, 1944 at village of St.Christopher, Tambov region in a family of The Red Army officers. The family legend says that Russian branch of Zlatkovskies is from a Polish nobility traced back to the end of XII century. After suppression of Kostyushko' rebellion, (end of XVIII century), the great-great-grandfather of the artist was banished to Russia. All men in the family were a sort of priests: before 1831 - Catholics, after - orthodox priests in the Oryol province, European part of Russia.

The grandfather, Kozma Mikolajevitch, did not accept "Sergijanski's heresy" and served secretly as a priest of
Russian Cave Church for fourteen years. He was executed on November, 26, 1937. The father, Michael Kuzmitch, a colonel, a professor, and a doctor of the military sciences. Being 7 years old, he has officially refused from his father, then from his son at his 72.

Mikhail Zlatkovsky was graduated from Moscow Engineering-Physical Institute (Nuclear Physics Dept.) in 1967 with major in Accelerators of Elementary Particles and worked as the physicist-researcher for 5 years.

In 1971 throw out physics and became a free-lance artist. Worked as the Chief-Art-Designer in several leading newspapers and magazines. In 1993-98 used to live in the
USA, where was Chief-art director of newspapers.

Now the Editorial Cartoonist of the daily all-state newspaper "New Messages ".Primary activity: political cartoons and caricature, books and magazines illustration, posters.The basic direction in creativity: "sense art, "problems graphics".

Art-research scientist of the State Institute of Art, where has prepared the thesis for a doctor's degree "The History of the Russian Cartoon", and wrote text books "The Theory and Practice of Images Creation".

During 1999-2001 term took the professor position at The Moscow State University, department of the art journalism.
He was secretary of the Russian Journalists Union.

During 18 years (till 2001) his collection of the art awards was the biggest all over the world – 211 prizes of the international and national competitions of cartoons, animations, posters, designs, illustrations, among its there are about 50 Grand prizes - "Gold Esope " of Gabrovo, Bulgaria, Grand prix of Montreal, Canada, "the Gold Hat " of Knokke-Hiest, Belgium, (twice), the First prize in Istanbul, Turkey, Grand prix in South Korea, "Gold Date " of Bordighery, Italy, "the Gold Egg" of Kroushoutem, Belgium, "the Gold Pencil "of "Satyricon", Poland, and others.

The most important art achievements are:

- In 1992, was awarded as "The Best Artist in a Cartooning" after international Peers interrogation,
- “Gold pen”- the highest Russian professional artist award. 2003,
- “The Best artist of the world”,- Grand prix of the XVI Amadora International cartoons festival, Portugal, 2005.
- Personal exhibitions in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, (twice), in Malta, Poland, (twice), Russia, Switzerland, USA.
- Founder and the President of the Russian Union of Cartoonists.
- President of The Russian division of FECO


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