"Deadly Chemicals
And Mushroom Cloud"

.(Ben Heine © Cartoons)
By thepoetryman
They didn't warn us of this growing up.
How could they?
They too had been sold deceit painted to look like gold.

We shall continue to wander off into the dark,
Lumbering through the sludge,
Leaving the whole thing as it was;
We’ll not be the last to ingest it.

We’ll stay kneeled behind the world,
Behind authorities stench,
Our noses filling with it-
For we are an obedient creature
Watching everything we’re here for disappear
And everything we should fear being painted gold!

We’re too busy warring-
We’re too busy dreaming-
We’re too busy scheming-
We’re too busy competing-
We’re too goddamned busy!

O never have we seen such indifference!
Never have we stared so eyeless,
Breathing in the stink of depravity,
Howling that our things are being confiscated,
Agape at the murder and rape of mankind,
Screeching of powers rush forward,
Of our being strapped to the slab of want,
Our freedoms turning nose skyward
As they plunge from the precipice we made,
Screaming of deadly chemicals and mushroom cloud!

Can we not make our existence fit for love,
Not submissive to these spineless, lousy rogues
Hell-bent on ruin?
Not the way we’ve existed-
Not the way we’re now living
And will go on living until they say we’re not.
We’ve known all this time who's had the weapons
But we’ve no sense that we’re the filthy trigger…

copyright 2007 tpm