I'll Draw You Anything
I'll Draw You Anything

By Dawn Hedrick

I'll Draw You Anything
I'll draw you a cross,
To replace what you lost,
Though it won't speak to you, dear.
I'll draw you a thorn,
And though you feel folorn,
This thorn will chase away your fears.
I'll draw you a knife,
To take away all of your strife,
It'll cut away the wool in your eyes.
I'll draw you a bird,
To add to your mirth,
Watch it fly through the skies!
I'll draw you a sword,
And swear on the lord,
It'll protect you from harm.
I'll draw you a heart,
To keep you from tearing apart,
And keep you in the comfort of my arms.

(The poem appeared on poemhunter.com)
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