Audrey and Phil
These are the portraits of
Audrey and Philippe Tshilumba
A Lover's Delight

By Malini Kadir

Waiting Awaiting
As days pass
Thinking; writing
In mid thoughts pause

Multiple visions
Arise in mind
Joyful Fashions
Of very colourful Kind

His mind ventures
Dwelling on every part
The secret treasures
Curiosity trickles a start

Wandering thoughts
Rest on her mid waist arrow
Down further brought
A curly tuft of dark furrow

Exotic thoughts spicy temptation
Dragging His mind to thrilling peaks
His Lips are wet in justification
His thoughts impatiently seeks

The bell at the door rings
His visions Chased in Haste
Preoccupied thoughts to present brings
Alluring woman but still pure and chaste

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