Unity In Diversity
By Rajaram Ramachandran

Tastes differ, Views differ,
Voices differ, Features differ,
Persons differ, Thumb prints differ,
Races differ, Castes differ,

Creeds differ, Customs differ,
Manners differ, Dresses differ.
Looks differ, Languages differ,
Songs differ, Speeches differ,

Trees differ, Plants differ,
Creepers differ, Creatures differ,
Birds differ, Animals differ,
Worms differ, Insects differ.

The food of one man
Is another man's poison
For a well known reason.

In the world of creations,
Sans matching relations,
Why numerous manifestations?

The patterns are symmetrical,
While the shapes are geometrical,
But why differences are astronomical?

How there's an unity
In such a diversity
Of forms live in conformity?

To these questions the answers,
The Almighty, God only knows.
What a wonder, are His plays.

(The poem appeared on Dreamagic.com)
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