Forbidden Love
© 2008 - Ben Heine
By Melissa Farrell

Should darkness hold and keep this time
apart from all I've held as mine,
what light and smile does future hold
unless I shift and do as told?

And if I choose to hold my way,
refuse to bend nor think nor sway,
will all you've kept as strong and true
descend to die and rot in you?

Answer, love, if you may speak,
and tell me if you think me weak
in choice to cast love to its grave
for care of one whose lips I crave..

What path to take, how far to turn?
Two hearts impaled, and one to burn.
Oh, endless thought of choice and need;
who shall I wound and leave to bleed?

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PS : The drawing was inspired from a photo by
the talented Ejenia Spasskaja, Minificus

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