The Dictator
© 2008 - Ben Heine

By Franz L Kessler

Laws are made by the boss

To cater for the needs of a palace’s day
Cemented and fully enforced by those
With hands to carry a gun

Lead drapes the future
And even the past
Bleak yesterday precedes
An even bleaker today

Where joy has dried up
Like sprinkles in hot desert sand
Unknown to the lucky few it’s called:
Planet Earth’s most common reality

When hope is lost – no choice
It’s bitterness that abounds
Breeding aggression
Despair and Suicide

The destitute follow those
Who promise a drink of relief
Even so its source stems
From a poisoned heart

My wish is that one day
All egoism will die
Like a rotting tree is struck
By a blazing lightning

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