Exhibition of Stefaan Provijn
at the European Cartoon Center

(Photo by Jan Oplinus)
Stefaan Provijn, better known as "Stef" (in the middle on the photo), a renowned Belgian cartoonist, was having a solo exhibition at the European Cartoon Center. It was fantastic to meet him personally.


STEF was born in 1960 in Deinze (Belgium). He studied Applied Arts at the Royal Academy of Ghent.

He works as freelance grafical designer and illustrator for a.o. Bellewaerde Park, Agfa, Sunparks, Nutricia, Kluwer, Versele, De Post, Interhome, Unizo, for the publishers Wolters Plantyn, Infodok, Van In ...

He made advertising visuals for a.o. Brico, Perrier, Pepsi, ClubMed, Nivea, InBev, H&M, Spa, Sony, Ferrero, Ikea, Fiat, 20th Century Fox, Media Markt, Masterfoods, Ethias, Electrabel, Henkel, Palmolive, National Lotery...

He won prizes in lots of cartoon contests a.o. Knokke-Heist, Bree, Sint-Truiden, Olen, Boechout...

See a cartoon by Stef


Rudy Gheysens is the current President of the European Cartoon Center (ECC)