Mohammed Khnifer

Mohammed Khnifer is a Saudi journalist working for Al Eqtisadiah. He recently interviewed me.

About Al Eqtisadiah :

Launched in December of 1992 in Riyadh, Al Eqtisadiah is an Arabic language daily newspaper with an exclusive focus on economic and business news and analysis. The newspaper provides news coverage as well as research, analysis and commentary on domestic, regional and international economic and business-related events. The newspaper complements its coverage of regional business and economic news with translated extracts from major international business publications, including the Financial Times, the Harvard Business Review, INSEAD, and Frankfurter. The newspaper primarily targets professionals, investors, academics, and senior government employees in the Kingdom and the GCC.

Additions are currently being undertaken to the newspaper, widening the geographic coverage to include the GCC, in order to expand the newspaper’s readership base. Being the only Saudi and regional daily newspaper with an exclusive focus on business and economics news and analysis. Al Eqtisadiah is currently the only specialized business and financial newspaper in the Kingdom our parent company Established in 1972, SRPC has become one of the most important publishing groups in the Arab world and it has 14 publications. The Saudi Research & Marketing Group is one of the most important integrated and leading publishing groups in the Middle East because of its huge potentials and prominent role in the aspects of publishing, advertising and printing in Saudi Arabia, thereby having distinguished presence and audience extending over vast areas in a number of continents. The Group’s main activities are centered in Saudi Arabia. It also has publishing, printing and distribution centers in seven major countries. The Group operates through a number of subsidiaries, being a group distinguished for vertical integration of its companies. The Group is actively engaged in four key areas: publishing, advertising, printing and distribution.