How to Screw the People,
Twice... at Least


Three Top Car Manufacturing Presidents
flew last week to Washington , to request a donation ,
called "bail-out".

Each came by his own Private Jet , separately.
It is remarkable ,to see ,three beggars
landing in three different Private jets.......

yes, but that is all part of the American Dream.

Practically this is all US Tax-money
collected from those who once ( or many times)
have bought cars from them
and logically have paid sales-tax , among all other taxes.

There it is Folks !!!

In America you buy a car , you pay taxes,
and George Bush gives your taxes back to those
who have sold you the car... in the first place.

The American Dream :
or "How to screw the people twice"... at least.

When you have bought an American Car
and have lost one son fighting to steal the Iraqi oil
which went inside your American-car at a higher price
and then G.W. Bush gives away your Tax money to those
who sold you the car that consumed that Iraqi oil.....
that cost you one son.

Then , how often have you been screwed ??
by the US Governement,
more than twice !! Surely.
(Thank you Raja!)