Let Me Feel
Your Cosmos

Bring Me to
Your Heart

By Peter S. Quinn

Bring me to your heart,
Where dreams won't die;
Everything is world apart,
Open space and its sky.
Let me feel your cosmos,
Inside where feelings are;
Outside is never too close,
Everything essences afar.

Bring me to your love,
Where our wings fly on free;
Far about the clouds above,
Thoughts for you and me.
Give me sense to build on,
Find the way to new hope;
In an instant perhaps it's gone,
Through time's oscilloscope.

Bring me to my senses,
Never let my searching die;
Oddly meeting sequences,
Short memories away will fly.
Footsteps in the sand vanish,
Who knows and who will care?
What oblivion time banish,
If this road goes to nowhere.

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PS : Taken in Paris last Summer