Give Some Future
By Peter S. Quinn

Give some future inside tomorrow
All is drifting in its breeze
Flowering seeds there to borrow
Love is disguise to what you see
The rainy clouds come and go
Everything is quite steady on
You must just feel what you know
Rise to the billows or be gone

Past to future will carry destiny
Nothing we can do about or break
Love songs into open for you and me
Who is the judge to what it takes
Right or wrong may be in your book
Wedging on the things that you know
But who really knows where to look
When footsteps divide them and grow

Not everything's just right or wrong
Something’s so much in there between
Just like there is some beautiful song
Others are still dwelling to be seen
You and I have hope for so much
Bringing forward the coming day
Hanging it lose getting out of touch
Life is not brightness or its grey