Earth Laughs
in Flowers

© 2009 - Ben Heine
A Flower Is a
Lovesome Thing

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

A flower is a lovesome thing,
For it so much inside pleasures bring;
And spaces are there whole apart,
Everywhere there's a beating heart.

Give a day or two for each and each,
Some of love this feeling will teach;
Give a mood or take it then all away,
There are no more of thoughts to say.

Stranger you can find the new route,
For all your strangest feeling to breakout;
To another and a different time in time,
Be it a way or a thought so sublime.

A flower is a lovesome whole;
An enchanting way to your lonesome soul,
A garden within the different cosmos;
Freedom and beauty along the comatose.

Give a day or two for each and each,
For its beauty to you will then reach;
Give your heart a meaning and a reason,
In all the coming new pleasures season.