Thoughts Captivity
© 2009 - Ben Heine
A photo I took in Holland.

There Are

By Peter S. Quinn

There are obsessions for every ride
Loneliness out there to stay
Shadows of night they sometimes hide
Into the morning and the day
Feelings of sickness everywhere go
Letting you down from the start
Something that only you know
Breaking and piercing your heart

Blossoms of cold in each fight
Nothing will give there any dream
Only the dark in the hour’s fright
With each their uncertainty beam
Oceans and waves that everything lacks
Believing nothing from its cast
Huge spaces of emptiness and blacks
All with their time to low and adjust

We are there standing in our wishing
Anywhere going for even some more
Part of us knowing some dreams missing
Nobody is forever of anything sure
Adapting footsteps through the streets
Of nobody's ways in a cruel world
Each of our emotion opposition meets
Scattering thoughts - dreams unfurled