Let me do my creative
work in peace, please

I stopped making political art a long time ago. I made some big mistakes and apologized for them. Some political websites are still portraying me in a negative way and spreading lies about me, this is an injustice, I hope it will change and I want to make clear I firmly condemn anti-semitism, racism or revisionism.

I made a portrait of Anna Baltzer in 2006. I do not know Anna Baltzer personally, she was not invited by me in Belgium as some blogs have suggested. I do not endorse her opinions nor do I endorse any other political opinions. I removed this portrait from my blog.

I totally gave up on political art many years ago, realizing I’m not made for this, I really don’t want to hurt anybody, I'm not a politician. I'm sorry for any mess I may have caused in the past with my pictures.

Let me do my creative work in peace, PLEASE!