Slideshow of the Week

A composite Image is a picture that is made from the combination of multiple images merged into a single surface.

The photos in this set are "constructed" creations. This technique often generates interesting and weird surreal effects. Call this "manipulation" or "montage" if you wish.

I made them with elements from my own stock accumulated over the years. For example, a crazy cloud from Holland, a nice looking animal from Africa, a tree from Canada, any object or subject worth to be seen and combined into a brand new and original composition. There is no limit to creativity, everything is possible.

Of course, there are different levels of difficulty when you start making composite images. In the past I often used only 2 or 3 different photos that I merged into a single creation (let's say a cool sky and a cool land). I'm now rather interested in making more complex images made sometimes from more than 10 elements coming from different photos I took in various places around the world. I sometimes even paint some whole parts of the images I'm working on.

In my opinion, the important thing to focus on when you make that kind of project is to merge the visual elements together in a natural way and make all the added shadows, painted light effects, enhanced perspectives, etc look good and "spontaneous". Depending on your final goals, this can be time consuming.