You and I

I took this photo 2 days ago in Braives, Belgium


You and I

By Peter S. Quinn

You and I in spring first
Green rising high to new...
Flowing in gradation burst
Strength rechargeable thru
Each our while is beautiful
Bringing enjoyment to days
Gone are the moment’s dull
Those were in winter haze

You and I close to touch
Everything comes now easily
With the breeze inasmuch
As freshness comes breezily
Its ‘love me or love me not’
Till petals have been plucked
There is rarely aforethought
If feelings are misinstruct

You and I thru the breeze
Each day and in dusky black
So close beneath the trees
Cause spring is on the almanac
Bringing near to closer still
As life nurtures our foliages
Field flowers and on the hill
Air and rain acknowledges

© 2010 - Ben Heine