Here is a 20 minutes original progressive house composition I have been working on since last month. I created and edited all the sounds you hear in this composition. Next steps for me: Add singing vocals and spend more time for the mastering process of my future tracks. I hope you'll like this. Made in Ableton Live 8. If you wish you can hear a short version (8 minutes selection) here below.

And here are the lyrics I wrote for this composition (you can hear them in the long version), they are actually read by a computer generated voice. I'll soon be working with singers to get nicer results. Coming soon. Thanks for listening.

There is a mathematic system,
Which reveals the mystery of creation.
There is a spiritual equation,
Explaining the enigma of imagination.

There is an arithmetic treasure,
Which gathers all the philosophies.
There is a cadence of numbers,
Decoding the biggest secrets.

There is a divine intelligence,
Capable of transforming elements.
There is a powerful matrix,
Made of ideas and concepts.

And finally, there is love,
Independent from the system,
Independent from time and space,
A magic entity. The meaning of life.

© 2012 - Ben Heine