Flesh and Acrylic by Ben Heine (From 2012 Documentary)

This is a Flesh and Acrylic project Ben Heine made in 2011 for a documentary filmed by Italian director Davide Gentile. Model: Caroline Madison

In Flesh and Acrylic, Heine creates abstract acrylic paintings on large wooden panels. A living person is integrated in the artwork and is part of the whole abstract composition. The end result is often very colorful, intuitive, wild and eye-catching. There is something choreographic about Flesh And Acrylic. When the painting is complete, the model seems to have completely evaporated. Each piece involves Heine coating human life with acrylic paint to match large wooden backdrops, whether these backdrops are decorated with colorful stripes, maniacal splatters, abstract speckles and swirls, or more ordered doodles. It usually takes Heine between 1 and 3 hours to complete such works (source).