Where Are You - Ben Heine Music

Ben Heine's latest music composition/production "Where Are You" featuring singer Dominika Timoszuk is a passionate love song that is perfect to share between lovers on Saint Valentine's Day. Listen to the track on Soundcloud here under. Watch the clip on YouTube here above. Music composition, lyrics and production: © 2016 Ben Heine

Lyrics: Where Are You

I found you 
I saw you 
I touched you 
I Love you 

Where are you now 
You disappeared again 

I show you 
I hold you 
 miss you 
I kiss you 

I know you 
I hug you 
I like you 
I love you 

Your name is in my soul. 
Can you hear my distant call? 

Stay with me take my hand 
Let's become more than friends 
I'll show you All the things 
We can do Together 

You have to follow me 
Cause this is our destiny 

Where are you 
Wait for me 
Do you feel 
Like I feel 

We will go 
Our passion 
Will follow 

Where are you now 
You disappeared again