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Niall O' Loughlin

Niall O' Loughlin : Born in Dublin in 1970, after graduating from the Senior Technical College, Ballyfermot in 1989, Niall was quickly snapped up by "Sullivan Bluth Studios." During his career, he worked on major films such as 'The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,' 'All Dogs Go To Heaven,' and 'Help I'm A Fish.' More recently as Chief Animator at Brown Bag Films, Niall was responsible for the delightful animated characters in the highly acclaimed Oscar nominated series, 'Give Up Yer Aul Sins.' Now based in Dublin, Niall divides his time between animation, illustration, painting and of course his first love, caricatures. His work is published weekly in the 'Irish Sunday Mirror' and he is a regular contributor to several other popular magazines. At the age of 35, Niall has quickly become one of the most celebrated cartoonists in his native country, Ireland. Highly sought after by collectors, most of Niall's pieces have sold-out even before the paint has had time to dry. In December 2004 Niall became the first Cartoonist/caricaturist to appear on the worlds longest running and most successful chat show in Ireland the Late Late show.
To see Niall's caricatures, have a look on : www.nialloloughlin.com
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