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Paddy Boehm

Paddy Boehm : Born in 1973 as Patrick Mark Boehm (his father was a fan of actor Patrick McGoohan at this time), Paddy was interested from early on in drawing and funny arts. At the age of 15 he started the comic-fanzine "Zeitlupe" together with his younger brother Tim. They did this for 10 years.While his brother was always the man for cartoons, comics and animation, Paddy does illustration and caricature. He was influenced by franco-belgian comic-artists as Uderzo, Morris, Franquin, Tabary and caricaturist like Mulatier, Morchoisne, Volker Ernsting and of course Sebastian Krueger. After he finished school, he learned graphic-design and is now working as a layouter in a publishing house. His greatest love is still caricature and music (he plays drums).
To discover Paddy's artwork, have a look on : www.paddy-boehm.de

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