Ejenia Spasskaja
(Ben Heine © Cartoons)

My Spirit
By Konstantin Batyushkov

O memory of the heart! You are stronger
than the sad memories of reason.
And often from a far-off country,
you bewitch me with your sweetness.
I remember the loved voice sounding.
I remember the eyes of azure.
I remember the careless
curling strands of golden hair.
My shepherdess, without a rival,
I remember her simplicity of dress,
the unforgotten, the dear image
that stays beside me everywhere.
My guardian spirit – granted me by love
to bring me solace in separation:
do I sleep? Bending over my pillow,
it will ease my saddened rest.
The above image is the portrait of Ejenia Spasskaja, an incredible and unconventional Russian woman. Ejenia is a talented painter and a brilliant photographer. A few weeks ago, I posted on this Blog a sketch of Ejenia, that was a prelude of the above portrait. Below is a variation.

(Ben Heine © Cartoons)
By Fedor Tyutchev
Silence: hide yourself, conceal
your feelings and your dreams –
let them rise and set once more

in the abyss of your spirit,

silent, white stars in the night –

wonder at them – and be silent.
How can one’s own heart speak?
How can another know
Will they see what you live by?
A thought once spoken is a lie:
troubling the streams, you cloud them –
drink from them – and be silent.
Know how to live deep inside –
there’s a universe in your mind
of mysterious thoughts, enchantments:
they’ll be drowned by World outside
they’ll be driven off by daylight –
hear them singing – and be silent! …
Below is the initial black and white drawing of Ejenia's portrait
(Ben Heine © Cartoons)
By Anna Akhmatova
In human intimacy there’s a secret border:
love’s being, love’s passion, cannot pass –
though lips are sealed together in sacred silence,
though the heart breaks in two with longing.
And friendship too is powerless, and years
of sublime flame-filled happiness
when the soul itself is free, and has no
knowledge of slow languid sensuality.
Those who try to reach that boundary are mad,
and those who have – are filled with anguish.
Now you know why it is my heart
does not beat beneath your hand.
--> Ejenia's paintings on DeviantART
--> Ejenia's photos on DeviantART
--> Source of the poems : Tonykline