Digital or not?
(Ben Heine © Cartoons)

A few weeks ago, the cartoon organization "Don Quichotte" launched a survey on whether “Digital Caricatures” along with the “Traditional” ones should be qualified to enter International Caricature Competition has yielded promising results. The survey, which stayed online for more than a month, drew the attention of 700 artists and fans of humor. Here is the outcome of the 34-day survey:

“YES” : 519 (74.1%)

“NO”: 181 (25.9%)

Here is what Erdogan Karayel, Don Quichotte's president says : "As the result above clearly shows, an overwhelming majority supported the “Digital Caricature” novelty. Our prime objective in putting up this survey was to help summon greater interest in the art of caricature and to pave the path for more proficient competitions of higher quality while proposing a practical scheme requiring less expenditure for attendants.

Let us not forget that a caricature first of all forms in one’s mind and then is transferred onto the paper. At the end of the technical phase, there should exist no discrepancies between caricatures drawn by means of watercolor and the likes and photoshop. We wish that the outcome of our survey has a pioneering appeal for competitions to be organized in the future. We also wish to thank the artists and fans who attended to our survey, in the name of the art of Caricature."


--> Source : Don Quichotte