- Collapse On Your Palm -
Die In His Fingers

By Kristine Buenavista (*)

If I was made to be destroyed, I want to collapse
on your palms, only yours
for they are the gateway to a better world
more responsible politics
more beautiful view of the Arts.

If I graced the Earth to be frozen, I wish to be
the woman on your caricatures.
You can draw me without a face, without a name
but I yearn for you to think of me as
you push that pencil and create
a masterpiece.

You, you are the Philippine sea
carrier of storms and cradle of the vast
where I always stand on its shores

where I soak my toes on its cold sand
where I dream of reaching places

without drowning
without drifting

If there is a need for me to experience

By all means, I am willing
as long as it brings me

on your


(*) Kristine Buenavista is a poetess living in the Philippines. She recently sent me this lovely poem and this is how I wanted to illustrate her verses. Thank you Kristine. I'm very honored. You're truly talented.
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