Life's Melody
Here Comes
My Melody

By Peter S. Quinn

Here comes my melody outside
Heart looked in its beat
Every hour from the indoors hide
Easy comes nowhere street

Love song of ‘a going to nowhere’
Always again from its cast
Footsteps so softly from there
Into the grime are now lost

Day of my day through emotions
Longing to dream there on
Like the wind in its erosion
Till it has blown and gone

Telling you nothing is real
Only the rivers of hearts crying
Do what you most and you feel
Each in your way complying

Now that I have again instigated
It's time to leave once more
Otherwise time wouldn't be activated
Only be stranded in on 'nothing for'

Here comes my melody to sing
With the crowds going this morning
Some notions are not for the lasting
Into times sentimental corning

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