Envious Rivalry

By Samuel Nze

I told them they would destroy my world
They would make it a hell;
They cannot say I did not tell them,
As I looked upon them from celestial heights

The country is full of mediocre ill
Of a lack of understanding;
The land is full of hate,
No one cares at all.

This old man is barking at his daughter
Saying this and that;
He is refusing to reason,
No gentlemanliness about him.

They struggle with one another
Increase the need to strive;
They complain about everything,
There is no respite.

Bickering the livelong day
These ones do not care for the truth;
They love delusion,
They give it heated chase.

It is envious rivalry they prefer
Envious rivalry they choose;
It is envious rivalry that will,
As it were satisfy them.

(The poem appeared on Poetryagainstpoverty.vox.com)

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