Talal Hasan Nayer, better known as "NAYER" or "CAMACHO" is a journalist and professional cartoonist living in Sudan. He was born the 13th of January 1983 in Omrowaba, a town in Kurdofan State. He studied civil engineering in Sudan University of Science and Technology.

He currently works with "Ray al-sha`abb" daily newspaper and also used to draw comics in "Semsema" magazine.

Camacho invented 2 cartoon figures called "MOJJ and LOJJ", the goat and the domestic fly. He also created "THE SMART, THE STUPID and THE SMELLY" (also known as "The 3s Gang"), dedicated to chidren.

He participated in several individual and collective exhibitions (individual shows in 2004, 2005 and 2006 in Sudan University of Science and Technology, and collective shows in 2003 in Sudanese Media Center and in 2004 in the German Cultural Center.

A selection of Camacho's creations can be seen on Also, don't miss his blog.

Nayer also made my portrait some weeks ago, it can be seen here.

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