Peter S Quinn's Poetry
This Is My Heart

This is my heart to the world I carry
And bring every knot to its unleash
To break through the barriers of a worry
And making the peace to mankind with ease
Love song that blows here through the dimly breeze
With every hope that's hard to define
In future's new morning of green leafed trees
That through to the road shall once again shine

The reasons are captiv'd in breaking blow
If love is without its brethren passion
All of its hope shall only be like glow
That proves to be weak and out of fashion
So make harmonious peace that is dearly
And it shall show how big your heart's clearly
Swing Swing
Swing swing on my fortune index finger
Let me be your desiring destiny
Gadgets and opportunities swinger
Every past memories daydreams a b c
Times of wind blowing gathering clouds
And the colorful rainbows from the beyond
Gathering happiness together crowds
Afar oceans and every millpond

Each finger to build on to more treasures
That the air of point might someday fill
To give amount time to mankind's pleasure
When youth and its dreams climb the older hill
Everything from early life floating rays
Those were colors, but now have turned to grays
Do Not Pull the Trigger
Do not pull the trigger
‘Cause I might be much bigger
Than the creation of your thought
That from this gun is brought

My life may be in vain
Because of its struggles and pain
But give me another opportunity
Of what you thought of me

My heart is pulling up hill
In finding the colors to fill
To bring breath its death
And I again down to earth
Changing Masks
Changing masks of myriad subtleties today
In the colorful worlds we all live in
Spiral bounds to its many turning way
Head to head in tomorrow's coming spin
Waves from the sky through emotions of song
To follow your spirits from cloud to cloud
Dreams of your golden thrust spinning headlong
From concrete forests and to the street crowd

Opportunities of living color turn
Jesters of every man's inside juggling
Desiring shades that come to mind and burn
From their work about distances and struggling
Masks like transparent ornamentation
Theater of smiles and sadness sensation
All the above poems are by Peter S Quinn
and the illustrations by Ben Heine