Sunset, Sunrise
Sunset, Sunrise

By Peter S. Quinn

It's sunset, sunrise,
Life's an eternal surprise,
And yellow dark skies!

God is here dwelling,
Like the Gospels are telling,
Dark oceans felling!

You, beautiful sky,
Enchanting afar and high,
As the time flows by!

Golden Heaven gates,
Distant between nights and dates,
Sun behind clouds waits!

Moments in twilight,
Still between dark and bright,
Showing strength and might!

Each song is singing,
All the glory in bringing,
Before it's springing!

Where will moments go,
After they stop its day glow,
Abide night will grow!

Let there be light more,
Step into the sky parlor,
Daybreak's open door!

There's no end to this,
Space is unknown abysses,
Life a breathing kiss!

Nothing new or old,
Every has been before told,
In clay it is mold!

(The poem appeared

PS : I took the photo
in Lisbon, Portugal