If I could Fly...
...f r e e d o m would be mine

Bring the Light
By Peter S. Quinn

Come come morning come
Freshness awaits me then
Tickle each bosom blossom
When they will feel you again
Rise to the edge of the sea
Bring the light there on
Billows that waves so free
Never to shore are all done

A bird in a nest is to fly
Finding the freedom in wings
Reaching the horizons sky
Wondering what morning brings
Flocking to oceans wide
Searching for something to eat
Into the deep they glide
Every small motion to read

Come come to day newborn
With every aspect of light
Dark gown is becoming worn
Taking its dim and the night
Faraway times going around
Each with its moments to turn
Somewhere a glow they've found
To give to the new morning burn

(The poem appeared on petersquinn.blogspot.com)

PS : I took the photo last Summer
in The Hague, in the Netherlands